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Kid Camping ’17…What Worked Or…. by John Pasmore

Headed back to Rivers Bend Campground with the now 10 year old (and about 60 other kids) for 3 day/2 night pilgrimage into the woods. My city-kid tackled a tree face-first on day one and it was just that kind of trip.

We’ve been camping for several years in a wonderful (if heavy) Kodiak canvas tent. Every piece of literature talks about the need to store the tent completely dry, and we learned why. Went we rolled it out, it was giant mess of massive mold and mildew. The shock and disappointment for my son was immediate. He was ready to call it a wrap and head back to Manhattan. Long story short, it was only 3pm so I headed ~40 miles to Dicks in East Stroudsberg, and grabbed an inexpensive Coleman which worked fine.

One thing that did work was a Nemo Pressure Shower. Rivers Bend Campground has a hand pump for water….and no shower (outhouse). So having a ~3 gallons of water for cleanup (people or dishes) was welcome. The Shower works fine — the utility of something like this varies though depending on the trip.

Also added an Aether Apparel, Echo Jacket. It’s a cotton/poly/nylon and is an easy addition, was perfect for chilly evenings and given that it has snaps instead of buttons you can kind of grab and go in the dark, which is sometimes helpful camping and even sailing overnights.

The good folks at Kodiak have offered a discount on new canvas, but living in the City, it’s a bit difficult to be sure that I can ALWAYS get the tent packed up dry. Taking a special trip to dry the tent is not something I’m looking forward to, but will likely bite the bullet and re-up. Hoping to get a couple trips in this year.

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